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Card Counting Secrets is a fantastic program that’s been released a sort while ago and teaches the bettor how to effectively learn the proven blackjack beating strategy of counting cards. In this Card Counting Secrets review, I’ll be talking about everything I know about the program, how easy it is to learn for the novice or experienced gambler and finally, if the program is worth the money.To begin with, Card Counting Secrets is a teaching based on the method of counting cards devised by a group of MIT students who took literally millions from some famous Las Vegas casinos a few years ago. If this story sounds familiar, that’s because it is the very same group of MIT students portrayed in the recent hit movie 21.Unlike many other methods of counting cards devised in the past which require the bettor to be a mathematical genius, savant or have some kind of computer aid, the Card Counting Secrets method was designed so that a person of average intelligence with little or no experience playing blackjack — this might be you — could quickly and easily learn to count cards and literally take thousands from a casino.How it works is by teaching the student to ‘anchor’ certain cards in their memory, while remembering the few cards before and after. This method of memory anchoring works very well because you’re only required to imprint high value cards — ace, king, queen, jack, ten — in your memory as these are the cards which will either make or break your hand.While the system is quite simple to learn, don’t expect to have it down in five minutes. It will take you a couple of days of training to learn it properly, however this is a considerably shorter amount of time than previous methods which sometimes took months or even years, depending on the mathematical prowess of the person trying to learn it.Card Counting Secrets is one of the cheapest card counting methods I’ve seen and also the easiest to learn as all the teaching methods are contained in video lessons which can even be uploaded on your iPod or similar portable video player which you can even take with you to Vegas — or other gambling Mecca — to ensure you’ve got the material you need when you need it.Card Counting Secrets will not work with online casinos as the cards drawn are randomly generated by a computer program so in this aspect it’s useless, however it will work in any real-world casino once you’ve got the system learned.So would I recommend you buy Card Counting Secrets? As far as I’m concerned it’s the best product on the market that teaches you how to count cards and much easier to learn than the method I learned to count cards about four years ago.Well, I hope this Card Counting Secrets review has helped you to make a more informed decision about the product and I hope you can generate some sufficient success by using it!